PS4 vs Xbox One Console

This year the 8th generation of gaming consoles is coming out stronger and better then ever! Sony’s PS4 consoles is coming out the same time as Microsoft’s Xbox One console which gives games more options to choose from. While both consoles have great features, there is only one PS4!

Both, PS4 and Xbox One have:

-Blu-Ray/DVD as optical drive

-Game DVR

-8GB of RAM

-500GB hard drive storage (PS4 allows you to remove it, Xbox One does not)

-Play and download features

-Motion control-PS4 can be controlled with DualShock 4 remote, PS4 Eye, or PS Move while the Xbox One is controlled with the Kinect 2

-Both consoles have subscription services options- PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live

-Both consoles are not region-locked which means you can play your games anywhere you go

-With both consoles, you get one controller

-Both of the gaming consoles comes in black

Some major differences that separate the two consoles include:

-Price-PS4 will sell for $399.99 while the Xbox One will go for $100 dollars more!

-The Xbox One has a mandatory game installment that uses internet connection while the PS4 console does not require either one

-Xbox One has only one form of motion control while the PS4 has three different ways in which you can use motion control

-With PS4 you get Bluetooth 2.1 with the Xbox One you do not

-With the PlayStation 4 console you also receive wired mono headsets which Microsoft does not offer or provide

If you are looking for a new gaming console, it is clear that the PlayStation 4 console is the better option. With this new console you will be able to be a part of the game and play some very awesome PS4 Games. Some PS4 games that will launch with the console include;

-DC Universe Online

-Killzone: Shadow Fall



-Drive Club

With a game designed for everyone, what more could you need? If you want to make the most out of your PS4 make sure to buy the extra PS4 accessories including the PS camera and an extra DualShock 4 controller because you know your friends will be coming over to join you and play! Right now you should preorder your PS4 console as well as the games and get the latest accessories before they are even out! Be prepared for the best console yet!