Why You Should order PS4 Console

As of now, we are still in the dark as to when exactly the new Sony PS4 console will be coming out; all we know is that it will be available in the 4th quarter of 2013, most likely in November. While the console is still not available in stores, you can preorder it from various online sources including Amazon. If you preorder it now you will be able to:

-Get your console shipped today

-Do not have to wait in line

-Will not be disappointed after waiting on long line only to find out that there are no more PS4 consoles in stock

-Will not have to leave the comfort of your own home

The PS4 consoles are highly anticipated by gamers of all ages. This new gaming console is full of amazing features that make it ideal for any gamer. With PS4 consoles:

-You will be able to be a part of your favorite game

-Easily share your gaming skills with your friends and followers on your favorite social media

-Experience the new and sleeker DualShock 4 wireless remote controller that has a touch pad for easier browsing and searching. This control also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that does not need to be removed for charging. This cool controller also has a light bar feature in various colors which can be linked to other players.

-Another great PS4 accessory is the PlayStation Camera which has two separate cameras which allow you to be in the game itself with your body motion and to create the video images.

-Your smartphones and tablets can be used as second screens for your PS4 because you can be playing your new PS4 Games while you stream and download other videos to your handheld devices.

-The PS4 video games which you purchase will not be region-locked which means you can play then anywhere you go, around the world! As a player, you will also be able to download a new game and test it before you make a purchase.

The above are just some of the many reasons why people around the world are already preordering their PS4 consoles. If you do not want to be left without one of the greatest Sony consoles make sure to preorder yours today. Do not forget to order PS4 Accessories as well since they are essential for your console.